Jem's Euro Trip

Almost there… Almost

3 legs down, 1 to go, and then a 2 hour car ride, and we will finally be on holidays.

We kicked the trip off with a delay due to Sydney not being fully open. Something about too windy. Must have been all the airline food that they give all the passengers. Before we left, we made use of some Qantas lounge passes, and it gave us an opportunity to relax in style.

Once we got to Sydney, there wasn’t too much of a wait for the next plane, and before we knew it we were heading to foreign shores. Bangkok was the first stop, we had to duck in to fill up and get the windscreen squeedgied. It was supposed to be a short stop of an hour, we hopped out to stretch our legs. It meant we had to do a loop of the airport and go back through security, but it was worth it. Once we were back on the plane, it took over an hour to actually leave. We left the gate, but someone was sick, so we had to go back to the terminal, then wait for the bags to be taken off… 

The next leg got us here to Dubai. Pretty uneventful, which is what we want. The kids are running on next to no sleep… Who thought it would be a good idea having tv screens at every seat? I’ve told them no matter how tired they are, they can’t sleep until we get to Lake Como now, and they have had showers. Not sure how long that will be… Probably another 10-12 hours.

One thought on “Almost there… Almost

  1. Sema

    Poor things.Talk about bad luck with delays. Hopefully you will all bear up and you can have showers and an early dinner before you are all comatose. Then you can wake up bright and sparkly in beautiful Bellagio. Love you sll and we miss you already xx